My Mission

Over the past 13 years, I have had the privilege to teach in universities, seminaries, and churches all over the country. During this time, it has become quite evident that a major knowledge gap exists between the academy and the church, and that many in the church are severely lacking in their knowledge of Christian Scripture.  There are many reasons this gap exists, many of which I admit are the fault of the academy and not the local church.  But playing the blame game doesn't help anyone.  The gap is real, and as Christians face greater and greater challenges in a post-Christian world, it is dangerous. I know many pastors are working hard to bridge this gap, but doing so can be hard given the mounting responsibilities that pastors face.  My mission is to join these local pastors and partner with local churches to bridge this knowledge gap and increase understanding of Christian Scriptures.
Educating the church is my passion!  I want to help Christians grasp crucial principles for interpreting their Scriptures.  I want to help them better understand the world and history of the New Testament so that they can better understand the truths to which they have committed their lives.  I want them to better understand the genre, themes, and interpretive challenges of the various books of the New Testament so they can live more faithfully to their teaching. 
My personal faith has been deeply enriched by my academic journey. The ultimate goal of my mission is to enrich the faith of those in the local church through a ministry of education.  If you feel there is a need for such education in your church, I would be delighted to partner with it in order to meet that need.  Take a look at the variety of topics I offer, and consider whether your church might benefit from them.